Covid-19 Guidelines

Please read through our Covid secure guidelines before your appointment.


If you have had the recent onset of a new continuous cough?

or you have a high temperature?

or you have noticed a loss of, or change in, normal sense of taste or smell?

or any of these symptoms, however mild, then please stay at home and reschedule your appointment.

Please arrive for your appointment on time.  Do not enter the salon until we invite you in.

When you enter please sanitise your hands and touch as little as possible, avoid touching retail displays.

Our QR code is at the entrance to scan yourself in,

we will as always be taking all contact details from you on booking your appointment, we will only accept pre booked appointments, no walk ins.

Please adhere to the social distancing measures in the salon.

If you sneeze or cough please do it into tissues and dispose of the tissues immediately and then wash/sanitise your hands.

 Please attend the salon alone.


We will always be wearing masks and visors.

We will be wearing disposable gloves and aprons where needed so please let us know if latex is a problem for you as we do have other gloves.

We will use disposable towels where we can, but if cotton towels are used, they will be used once only before washing thoroughly in a high-temperature wash (at least 60°C). Used towels will be stored away from clean towels.

We will use single-use tools wherever possible. Any tools used more than once will be cleaned thoroughly and sterilised after each use.

Please keep your own hygiene levels as high as possible when attending the salon.

Areas will be kept well ventilated.

Music will be kept low to avoid shouting.

The toilet is open but will be thoroughly cleaned after every use and we ask you to adhere to hand washing guidelines.

We have carried out risk assessments within the salon to make us safe for opening.

Your safety is our priority.

If you have any concerns prior to your appointment please get in touch.