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The Serenity – Ultimate Relaxation £80

Unique to The Retreat, your relaxation will start with a scrub that will eliminate rough, dry skin, you will then receive a full body massage to relax you whilst our secret ingredient gently warms your skin. You will be enveloped a warm duvet to ensure all muscles and joints are cocooned in a blissful wave of warmth. Relax in an atmosphere of candlelit serenity whilst your therapist cleanses your skin and performs a relaxing facial treatment to erase all the stress of your hectic life, you will feel totally relaxed and revitalized.

The Muscle De-stress Treatment £42

This treatment will ease tension, relax muscles and help relieve stress in your back, neck and shoulder area. A four phase luxurious treatment including exfoliation, massage, a warming detoxifying mask and a finishing balm to nourish and hydrate your skin.

The Velvet Skin Body Treatment £32

This treatment will ensure dry skin is exfoliated away, followed by a finishing cream to suit your skins needs. You will be left with velvety soft and supple skin all over.

The Velvet Skin Treatment with Full Body Massage £65

This treatment will ensure dry skin is exfoliated away before you enjoy a full body massage and finishing cream to suit your skins needs. You will be left with velvety soft and supple skin and feel totally pampered and relaxed.

The Firming Resculpting Body Treatment £49.50

The ultimate treatment to give immediate inch loss and a smoother, more refined silhouette, which  includes the Katherine Daniels Manual Colonic Irrigation  Massage. Results are visible after one treatment, so ideal as a single session before a special occasion or as a course as detailed below.

The Diet Kick Start Plan £185

This plan is offered as a course of four Firming Resculpting Body Treatments within a period of two weeks. We aim to kick start the effects of a healthy eating regime and support you for maximum weight and inch loss during the first crucial weeks of slimming.

The Drop a Dress Size Plan £349

This plan is offered as a course of eight Firming Resculpting Body Treatments at two per week for four weeks, to help you achieve your ultimate results and inch loss of up to one dress size.

The Golfer’s Muscle De-stress Treatment £48

Designed to ease tension and increase flexibility, this treatment will be personalised to meet your specific needs after consultation with your Katherine Daniels therapist and may include your upper back, shoulders, chest, hips and forearms.




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St Tropez do it so well that you do look natural. You don’t have that fear which I always did of going streaky and not being able to fix it… total nightmare. There is no reason to go around with that pasty pallor anymore, which is really exciting’. Kate Moss

St. Tropez is the first choice of professionals and beginners the world over because every product is created to deliver a beautiful even tan, every time. For a flawless finish, there’s nothing quite like a professional touch – that’s why our salon treatments are as popular as ever. Choose from the hand-applied Original Treatment for a rich, bronze long-lasting glow or a Spray Tan which delivers a flawless finish in minutes.
Spray Tan £26
A natural looking tan with instant colour and dry in seconds.

St. Tropez Tan Party Package £130 Book 5 and get 1 free!

Ideal for hen parties, birthdays and big night out preperation.

A Full Range Of St Tropez Home Products Are Available In Salon

Introducing the Helionova ‘Ultrasun 8000 Power Tower with Collatan Tubes’ these tubes will stimulate the natural production of collagen within your skin giving you smoother, plumper skin without compromising the result of your tan!

Unlimited Monthly Sunbed Pass £40.00

Pay as you go…

3 minutes £3

6 minutes £5.50

9 minutes £8

12 minutes £10

Appointment not always necessary.

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